NGC7789 Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

(RA 23h 57.0m , Dec. +5644', 6.7 mag., 15' in diameter)

Too bad Messier missed that bright and large open cluster ! This showcase object is easy to see in binoculars as a large hazy spot and any telescope will resolve it into swarm of evenly bright stars. To find it, star hop almopst 3 SW of b Cassiopeiae (see finder chart below).

The mosaic above is composed of four "tiles" taken on September 30, 2000 from Harrowsmith, Ontario. Cookbook 245 LDC was used on Celestron Ultima 8 SCT with f3.0 focal reducer to acquire five 60 sec. unfiltered (visual + near infrared) exposures for each "tile". Those were processed with AIP4WIN software and combined into a mosaic using Corel PhotoPaint 8.

North is to the right.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 10. North is up.

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