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Map created in Guide 7.0 with the figure outline based on Johannes Hevelius' Uranographia (1690). Click on the object's name to access its image or click on the name of adjacent constellation to see its map.

Virgo, the Maiden, was associated with Babylonian godess of fertility Ishtar with the brightest star, Spica seen as the Ear of Grain. Nearby Leo and Coma represented two other attribute of Ishtar: Lion and Cluster of Dates. Virgo's connection to fertility was recognized as well by ancient Egyptians (Isis), Assyrians (Astarte) and Greeks (Ceres). In other Greek myths, Virgo corresponds to Astrea, godess of justice, holding the Scales (Libra).

There is no point of picking up one favourite deep sky object in Virgo - the constellation is chock-full of bright galaxies belonging to Virgo Cluster.

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