LiveSpeckle is plugin for the Genika Astro image acquisition sofware decicated to the observation of double stars.  LiveSpeckle computes and displays in real-time the power spectrum and the autocorrelation of a double star image. These signatures are often used to establish the duplicity of a star when it cannot be infered from the direct (spatial domain) image due to seeing conditions.

The image above shows LiveSpeckle in action under Genika 2.13. The target star is STF1523 (Xi UMa, sep=1.9’’ @ 2017), observed with a Celestron C11. Results are displayed in the top right square window, with, from top to bottom and left to right : the direct image (zoomed 2x here), its power spectrum, the power spectrum averaged on the last 25 image and the autocorrelation computed from this average power spectrum.

The image below shows LiveSpeckle in action on a more difficult target : STF1865 (sep=0.36’’ @ 2017). The typical speckle pattern (obtained here with the 435 mm folded refractor built by S. Deconihout) here completely hides the binary nature of the star on the direct image. The duplicity is clearly recovered on the power spectrum and autocorrelation.

LiveSpeckle has been developed using the C# external pluging mechanism supported by Genika 2.13. It is provided as an external DLL which simply has to be copied into the Genika installation directory. Source code (in C#, VS 2015) is available on request.

Download LiveSpeckle distribution, version 1.0

Source code is now available on github