WdsPick is a program to help to astronomers making measurements of double stars.  WdsPick offers two complementary functions. First, a filter-based mechanism for building lists of target stars from the Washington Double Star Catalog and navigating through these lists. Second, a connection to the well-known SkyChart application for automatically visualizing star positions and pointing telescopes.  The image above shows  both the WdsPick and SkyChart applications side by side (left and right respectively). Here WdsPick is navigating  through a list of 98 target stars. The current selection is BU 1216, whose main elements are shown including ephemerides computed from the Sixth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Binary Stars.  A connection has been established with the SkyChart application and the latter has been instructed to point to the corresponding position. If theSkyChart application is actually controling a telescope (by means of an ASCOM interface, for example), initiating a physical GOTO would then automatically bring the target star in the FOV (or the camera)

Download WdsPick distribution, version 2.1 (software+user manual)

Download the user manual