SS2K to SBIG STV cable

Even if SBIG STV autoguider port and Vixen Sky Sensor 2000 port use the same RJ-11 plug the internal pinout is different so these devices cannot be directly plugged together. To do it, it is necessary to make an interface that exchanges the pin connection according to the following scheme:


The easiest way to realize it is to use a standard RJ-11 female-female junction, ready available in many telephone stores (In reality the plug is an RJ-12 since it has 6 pins instead of the 4 of an RJ-11 and it is a standard ISDN junction). These adapters have two female plugs housed in a plastic shell. All pins are connected together using standard color coded wires. It is easy so open the plastic enclosure, cut the wires, rearrange the internal connections and close again the shells. That's all!

The two halves of the plastic shell just split once forced (no glue is used). Note the internal wires already reconnected and tapered.

The interface closed. A little glue firmly join the two plastic halves together. The relative device port must be reported outside to avoid to reverse the connection.

The interface with cables plugged. Most telephone stores can crimp two spare RJ-11 cables (six pins) as long as desired. Of course a little attention must be paid to the wire color correspondence of each male plug.