"The Crab" NGC6357 - Ha

Field centered on R.A. 17h 25' & Dec. -34° 10'


The "crab" nebula NGC6357 area. This nebula during the exposures had an altitude within 10° to 13° from the horizon. Thanks to the very dark skies of the site selected for the shot, it was possible to image something. Each frame had to be staked with Registar once calibrated since they were quite warped due to the low elevation.


Apo TEC140 140/f7 + FF Astrophysics + Vixen ATLUX + STV Yankee Robotics TRIFID-2 6303E, binning 1x1, T=-15°C 21 x 5 min Astronomics Ha (13nm)

Isola del Giglio (GR) Italy





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