The Horsehead nebula

AKA IC434 and B33

Field centered on R.A. 05h 40' & Dec. -02° 30'


Nebular complex around Alnitak (zeta orionis), the brightest star of the field and one of the three members of the Orion's belt. The Flame nebula NGC2024 is on the left of Alnitak, IC434 on which there is B33, the popular Horsehead nebula, is on the center. IC431, IC432, IC435 and NGC2023 are the blue and pink globes around other stars of the field. Click on the Horsehead location in the image above to enlarge it or click here.


Apo WO 100/f8 + TeleCompressor AP@ 6.3 + Vixen Atlux + STV 1x90 min Kodak E200+1

Roque del Los Muchachos - La Palma (Canary Island)





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