Orion's Sword

AKA M42 and NGC1977

Field centered on R.A. 05h 35' & Dec. -05° 30'


Orion's sword is maybe the most photographed target in the northern hemisphere, rich of details and colors, with the striking contrast between M42 and NGC1977 dyes. This is the result of a cooperation with Herm Perez that took a deep mosaic of this region using a Vixen R200SS. "Foreground": Stack of 3 images taken from La Palma-Spain (one exposure of 90 min. plus one 5 min. plus one 1 min. on Kodak E200 pushed 1 stop through the Apo). "Background": mosaic of two stacks of 4x30min. exposures taken from Florida-US on E200 pushed 2 stops through the Vixen. Click on the image above to see enlargement of the blue Running Man" nebula NGC1977 or the M42 core.


Apo WO 100/f8 + TeleCompressor AP@ 6.3 + Vixen Atlux + STV
Vixen R200SS + Field Flattener + Losmandy G11 + ST4
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