The Orion's Belt & Sword

Field centered on R.A. 05h 37' & Dec. -03° 55'


This is probably the best know and shot area of the whole sky. The two bright stars on the top are Alnitak and Alnilam at its right. Just above Alnitak is the diffuse nebula NGC2024 while under it spread the nebular complex of IC434, IC431 and IC435. On IC434 is visible the characteristic silhouette of the dark nebula Horsehead. In the low part of the frame lays the Great Orion Nebula (M42) with its blue mate NGC1977 (associated to the open cluster NGC1981). Background image is a sum of two exposures as technical data reported in the table below, than on it has been stuck the two shots of M42 and IC434.


Apo Pentax SDHF75 + TeleCompressor Pentax RC0.72x35 (final 75mm F=360mm) + Vixen Super Polaris + ST-4 60 minutes Kodak E200+1

La Palma island
(Islas Canarias)





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