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I, always between the girls!BiographyI, always between the girls!


as you probably guessed my name’s Lorenzo. I was born in Imola, near Bologna, on September 19th 1978. Imola, a nice city with a population of about 60,000 inhabitants, is surely famous because of the F1 races, but it’s not the primary reason of its beauty: above all, it is proud of the chance to host me…:-)

But let’s go back to the biography… I took my high school graduation (Accountancy, specialized in programming).

Naturally I would prefer passing my time producing Web Pages, or carrying on my activity as an amateur-astronomer…

I started when I was 15 with the typical Newton Konus 114/1000, and it gave me the first shudders… then I decided to put myself in challenge with the great photographers, so I bought a Meade S-C 200/2000 (2080 model) with the only A.R. motorization. I soon realized I would have never been able to keep a 2 hour exposure of a cosy galaxy of the 15th magnitude.

As a consequence I returned to the mere observing activity… naturally with good results and some sporadic photos made with cameras in parallel or at the primary focus, but strictly regarding the Moon or the major planets.

Time goes by, my savings grow, and finally I’m able to jump the gap....… I buy a fine 250/2500 S-C with a doble-axis motorization… and after a couple of months I equip it with a Lumicon Giant Easy Guider.

Now, I am again without my telescope, waiting to buy an apocromatic rifractor...

In this biography I hope someone will read, I take the chance to thank: Gigi Colombani for the many times he stood by my side, somewhere out in freezing nights, while I was shooting photographs, Alberto Stagni for his unfailing optimism, Paolo Bertozzi for everithing he does (a list would be eternal), my parents for their support, my grandparents for having brought me to the Observatory when I was a child.







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