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Last update 1/2/2000


o Gruppo Astrofili Antares *

o Osservatorio Astronomico di Monteromano Home Page *

o Associazione Astrofili Cortina

o Associazione Astrofili Mantovani

o Associazione Astrofili Fiorentini

o Astronomical Society of Harrisburg (Pennsylvania, USA)

o Astro Club Voyager Home Page

o Centro Astrofili Bolzano (CAB)

o Circolo Astrofili Talmassons *

o Gruppo Astrofili Columbia - Ferrara -

o Gruppo Astronomia Digitale


o Gruppo Astronomico Tradatese

o Gruppo Astrofili "IL BORGHETT0" Tavarnelle-Barberino *

o Home Page della planetologia italiana

o Orange Country Astronomers - Home Page - OCA

o Osservatorio astronomico di San Giovanni in Persiceto

o Ottawa Centre - R.A.S.C.

o San Gersolè Planetary Group *

o UAI Unione Astrofili Italiani

o UAS- Unione Astrofili Senesi *


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o Axel Mellinger's Astrophotography Page **

o Adriano's Deep Sky Page

o Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography

o Andy Steere's Personal Page

o ANTÓNIO CIDADÃO's Home-Page of Astrophotography *

o ASTROCRUISE - Astronomical Photography by Philip Perkins **

o Astronomical Images by Timothy and Matthew Wachs

o Astrophotographische Homepage Reinhard Ilk

o Astrophotography by Bob and Janice Fera *

o Astro Photography by Russ Dickman **

o Astrophotography by Howard C. Anderson

o Astro Photography Chris Cook *

o Astrophotography by Jeff Ball

o Bill's Home Page

o Bill and Ted's Excellent Astronomy Pictures

o Brad Wallis' Home Page  *

o Brad Ehrhorn CCD Imaging

o Carmel Coast by Robin Casady

o CCD Astronomy Center -OCA-

o CCD Images by Gregory Terrance  *

o CCD Astro-Imaging by SHOJI SUZUKI

o CCDLAND By Nik Szymanek *

o Chris Vedeler's Astrophotography Gallery

o Chuck's Astrophotography Home Page  **

o Celestial Images By John P. Gleason *

o Comet-track by Bob Yen *

o Cosmic Images of Ron Kohl

o Kitahara PhotoGallery *                             Come back up

o Dale Ireland's Astronomy Page

o Darklight Imagery

o David Churchill's AstroPhoto's **

o David Hanon's Astronomical CCD Images *

o David Ratledge's Astronomy Homepage

o Digital Astronomy Gallery By Kunihiko Okano*

o Don Holcombe's Home Page

o Ed Grafton's CCD Astronomy Page (WCMY & RGB )*

o Emmanuel BEAUDOIN *

o Galactic Images Home Page

o George Greaney's Astrophotography

o Gérard THERIN *

o Hight resolution CCD imaging -Thierry Legault- **

o HFO Home Page

o Howard C. Anderson

o Ian's Astrophotography & CCD imaging Tips

o Image from the Night Sky

o James R. Foster's Astronomy Resource Page*

o Jason's Excellent Astro Page

o Jean-Philippe BARRILLIOT

o Jeff MacQuarrie's Astronomy Home Page

o Jeff Stys Home Page

o Jerry Lodriguss's Home Page **

o Jim Miller's Home Page

o John Mirtle's Homepage

o Josè Torres CCD Astronomy Home Page *

o MAXXs' Astrophotography

o Martin Germano's Astrophotography *

o Mel Bartels Home Page

o Micheal Boschat's Astronomy Page *

o Michael Richmann's Astronomy Page                Come back up

o Michael Risch Home Page

o Luc Vanhoeck

o Numazawa & JPLinc. Home Page *

o Mike Regish's Astrophotography Page *

o Pauls' CCD Astronomy Page

o Pedro Ré's Astronomical CCD Imaging Home Page

o The Puckett Observatory **

o Philipp Salzgeber Home Page

o Richard Bright's Home Page *

o Rick's weaspace

o Robert Reeves Schimidt Camera Astrophotography

o Robert M. Sandy's Home Page

o Stephen Girimont's Astrophotography and Photoillustrations

o Steve Lee **

o Star Fields Observatory Images                    Come back up

o The Starry Heavens Gallery

o The Astrophotos Page

o Tood's Astrophotography page

o Tom Carrico's Astronomy Images

o Tom Polakis Sky Photography*

o Tony and Daphne Hallas Astrophotography **

o Universia - Site Astro de Marc Sylvestre

o Wil Milan Astrophoto Gallery

o William Hood Photography *



o Aldo Radrizzani's Home Page

o Alfredo Zanazzo


o Andrea Ricciardi's Astronomy and Astrophotography Page

o @stronomia - the Korha home page

o DEEP VOID - Alessandro Vannini

o Dr. Fabio Marino

o Emmanuele Sordini's Home Page

o Emiliano Mazzoni                                                 Come back up

o Enrico Prosperi (Astronomical CCD imaging) *

o Gambaro Alessandro

o Giacomo Venturin

o Giovanni Dal Lago*

o Julio Dieguez Gazing at the sky *

o La Bacheca dell'Astrofilo *

o Lorenzo Comolli's Home Page

o Luca D'Avino

o Lunar Observatory Alpha, Giorgio Mengoli

o LOA - Lunar Observatory Apuleio

o Marco Lorenzi *

o Le stelle di Marzio Bambini

o Paolo Bertozzi's Home Page ***** :-) :-)

o Paolo Candy Home-Page

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o US Naval Observatory (U.S.N.O.) *

o Digitized Sky Survey (DSS)

o Welcome to SkyView Virtual Observatory

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o Asteroids and Comets Threat *

o BAA Comet section

o Crni Vrh Observatory

o Comet Observation Home Page

o COMETS, orbit diagrams, finder charts

o Near Live Comet Watching System

o Ulysses Comet Watch Network

o Comet Information and the ICQ

o Comet page of Howard C. Anderson

o Weekly Information about Bright Comets

o Latest Pictures of Comets

o The LINEAR Project Home Page

o Comets and Meteor Showers

o SOHO sungrazing comet twins

o Nasa-Sungrazing comet

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o Italian Space Agency ASI

o European Space Agency ESA

o Nasa Home Page

o NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

o Minor Planet Center *

o The International Astronomical Union

o American Astronomical Society Home Page     Come back up



o o * *
o o
o * o
o o

o AstroArts


o Astronomy Picture of the Day **

o VLT Astronomical Images **

o Anglo Australian Observatory Colour photographs

o David Malin's Homepage

o ESO and Space Telescope Science Archive Facilities

o Hubble Space Telescope

o SEDS Best of HST

o Last HST's images

o STScI/HST Pictures

o The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

o Subaru Telescope Homepage*

          o Astronomy Net

o Astro Place

        o Astronomy Resource List                                   Come back up

        o Astronomy Sites

        o Astronomy and Costellation

        o Astronomy Links for Drennon's Science

o Doug Jackson's Page of Links

o Enel Ricerca -Cram -Elisa*

o La pagina metereologica di Mc-link

o Universal Time (US Naval Observatory)

o METEO-FRANCE : Today's weather

o MeteoSat via ESO

o The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Meteorology, order by data  

       o Air Resources Lab - interesting ETA models, enter location 

o Atlantic Canada Online Weather Watchers ( Canada )

o British Antarctic Survey ( U.K. )

o Canadian Meteorological Centre ( Canada )

o Climatic Trends and Variations Bulletin for Canada ( Ottawa, Canada )

o Current Weather Conditions for Canada

o Dalhousie University Weather page ( Canada )

o EarthWatch ( many images, some 3-D )

o Eastern Seaboard image with surface data included

o El Nino

o El Nino - Climate Prediction Center

o El Nino - International Research Institute

o El Nino - NOAA

o El Nino - NOAA                                                          Come back up

o El Nino Watch Page

o Enviroment Canada - new site ( Canada )

o Enviroment Canada Hurricane Center - Atlantic Region NEW! ( Canada )

o Enviroment Canada Satellite Images ( Canada )

o Intellicast Weather

o Interactive IR Satellite Data Selector

o Interactive Weather Report ( Java language Version 0.5 )

o International Weather Satellite Imagery Center

o Meteo Italia e Meteogranda by LRC ( Italy )

o Meteorological Atmospheric Optics ( Finland )

o Montreal, Quebec Atmospheric Sciences web ( Quebec, Canada )

o National Weather Service

o NASA Weather Images

o NASA Weather Images GOES 8 and 9 - mirror site1

o New Jersey Online Weather

o Northern Canada Weather Links - from Alaska Climate Research Center 

o Ohio State Univ. ( Satellite and other Weather Data )

o Plymouth State College Weather Center

o Purdue Satellite Images                                      Come back up

o Purdue Weather Processor

o Satellite Active Archive - NOAA's

o Satellite Images Univ. of Illnois

o Sea Ice homepage

o Sea Surface Temperatures images archive from 1979 to present ( SST )

o Space Science and Engineering Center - SSEC

o Sprite Watchers homepage

o Storm Chasers' page

o Storm Chasers' Canada page

o Storm Prediction Center Home Page

o Surface Data ( undecoded ) for US States and Canadian Provinces

o Surface Map of North America

o The EYEWALL - Hurricane information

o Upper Air Data

o Upper Air Data - Yarmouth and Sable Island included, clickable map

o U.S. Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite

o Weagle's Weather from Meteorologist Steve Weagle of ATV News

o Weather Com

o Weather Satellite GOES-8 Real Time Images

o Weather Warning page for U.S.A.

o Weather World

o Leonids Live! **

o Leonid Storm **

o Leonid Meteor Storm

o Leonids 1998 Will the Lion Show Its Fangs

o Leonids.com Storm of the Century

o Near-Live Leonid Watching System **

o North American Meteor Network Home Page

o International Meteor Organization (IMO)*

o M E T E O R I T E C E N T R A L

o Leonid Meteor Outburst Page

o Radio Meteor Data, Japan

o Comet&Meteteor

o The Quadrantids meteor shower

o Multiple Station Meteor Imaging                 Come back up

o International Supernovae Network *

o UCO-Lick Observatory *

o Astronomical Headlines

o SAI SN Research Group

o VSNET Supernovae Page

o David Bishop's Home Page

o Enrico Prosperi's SNe Home Page         Come back up

o Mr.Galaxy Home Page

o Tenagra Observatories - Michael Schwartz

o Asiago Supernova Group

o Southern Astronomical Society

o SN Nexus Home Page

o Texas University SNe Research Galactic Supernova Remnants

o Goddard Home Page for SNRs SNORE Group

o High Redshift Supernova Search

o Royal Greenwich Observatory

o List of Supernova and Supernova Remnant Pages by Marcos Montes

o Stellar Evolution

o Fusion Sequences in Stars

o Michael Richmond's Home Page                     Come back up

o SuperNovae Key Project

o Robert Cumming's Home Page

o Supernova Group at Dept.of Astronomy, University of Tokyo

o Supernovae, Neutron Stars etc. Home Page

o Distant Supernova Search

o PSR / SNR Associations Home Page

o Mount Stromlo Observatory

o Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (K.A.I.T.)

o High-Z SN Home Page

o The UK Schmidt Telescope Supernova Search


o American Association of Variable Star Observers     Come back up

o C.A.N.A. - Sezione Stelle Variabili

o Catalogo Variabili Cataclismiche (ApJ)

o GEOS (Gruppo Europeo di Osservazione Stellare)


o Information Bulletin on Variable Stars

o Latest Pictures of Novae and Supernovae

o Novae

o Novae and supernovae



o Variables

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o Very Large Telescope *

o Anglo-Australian Observatory

o European Southern Observatory

o Telescopio Nazionale Galileo - TNG

o Subaru Telescope Homepage *

o Nordic Optical Telescope

o University of Iowa Automated Telescope Facility

o Bradford -Robotic -Telescope

o UCSB Remote Access Astronomy Home Page

o Automatic Telescopes on the Internet

o COAST HomePage

o Telescopi On Line                                  Come back up

o Asteroids and Comets Threat

o Astrophysical Data System (Astronomical Journals and more)

o Astronomical Headlines (The last discoveries)

o IAU: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams CBAT *

o BBC News Sci-Tech

o Bollettino Telematico ANTARES *****

o Explorezone.com Earth, space and weather science news and reference **

o Near Earth Object Program ****

o Science@NASA - Science.Nasa.Gov **

o SpaceViews The Online Publication of Space Exploration **

o Minor Planet Center

o Sky & Telescope News

o Recent IAUCs * *


o Astronomy Freeware and Shareware

o Andromeda Software, Inc. Home Page

o Dan's Astronomy Software Collection

o Digital Universe Home Page

o MegaStar Sky Atlas

o Project Pluto

o Satellite elements

o Starry Night - astronomy software                         Come back up

o SkyMap Home Page*

o The Thompson Partnership Home Page

o Zephyr Services on the Web

o ZIA Software, Scientific, Astronomy Resources

o Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird

o Apogee Instruments Inc.

o ASTROMART - The Global Astronomy Marketplace

o Astronomy-Mall

o ASTRONOMY True Technology Ltd

o AURIGA Home Page

o Celestron International Home Page

o Cosmobrain Astronomy and Astrophysics Bookstore

o Franz Home Page

o Hirsch, Edwin

o Konus Italia

o LOSMANDY                                         Come back up


o Meade Instruments Corporation

o Miotti Home Page

o Orion Telecopes & Binoculars


o Pocono Mountain Optics


o SCS Astro Home Page

o Starlight Xpress CCD Camera HOME PAGE *

o StarOptics

o TAURUS-Tech Home Page

o The Starlight Xpress Digital Astronomy

o Tele Vue Optics

o Van Slyke Engineering

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