Lunascan Project Image     951029-01

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951029  1800 MT  00h00m CUT
229,173 miles, 5.9 days,  Illumination: 37.0% wx
Simulated cam range at 100x: 2300 miles. FOV: 600 miles
Scanning Panasonic WV-450
1830mm f/l Newtonian; Ocular: MA25 mm epp

Covering Sections 26, 27, and part of 37 & 38, this image shows the huge Great Britain-sized lunar basin, Mare Crisium. Also known as the "Sea of Crisis" this feature is 570 km in diameter and is of impact origin and was later flooded with lava. The bright small crater to the left is Proclus, a polygonal crater with sharp contours and the center of a bright ray system (28 km/2400 m).