From: "kim j windsor" <>
Subject: Mosting
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998 22:45:40 -0400

Hello,           We are still getting our act together with the 16" and an
Astrovid 2000 ( not 1000 ). The set worked very well tonight with f = 9000
mm. Seeing was good though some clouds. We found Mosting and at 3:00 (
aprox ) observed a well defined dome like thing which appeard to cast a
defined stocky shadow. The " hill " is on the inner wall which I think is
remarkable. It appears to be 4 - 5 km in dimention. I have not done the
math yet and would prefer hard copy to work with as well as other
verification. We soon expect to be able to do hard copy but tonight it was
just a kick to actuall see the thing with other witnesses.

Thank you for the response to my earlier post so soon. I like that. I am
also looking for information from Clementine but find it ... frustrating.

Good seeing to you.