Figure 29

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The Apollo 15 landing site, marked by an arrow, is visible in this north- looking oblique photograph. This is one of the northernmost views photographed during the Apollo missions. The Caucasus Mountains are on the upper right horizon, with Mare Serenitatis off the image on their right and Mare Imbrium on their left. Two large rayed craters, Aristillus (Ar) and Autolycus (Au), 55 and 40 km in diameter, respectively, penetrate the mare. In September 1959, the first manmade object to strike the Moon, the Soviet Luna 2 spacecraft, impacted just west of Autolycus. The massive mountains in the foreground are the Apennines. At their western slope is the sinuous Hadley Rille, which was examined at close range by the Apollo 15 astronauts who drove to its eastern rim in the first manned roving vehicle used on the Moon. -D.E.W.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 42, Figure 29

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