Figure 200

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Low Sun angle photograph of mare surface taken by the metric camera. Two large impact craters, Diophantus (cropped out of this image) and Euler, occur in the upper left and lower right comers of the frame; the terminator lies at the left margin of the picture. Many secondary crater chains and smaller primary craters pepper the mare surface, and lava flow fronts, mare ridges, and rilles are common. The rilles exhibit a marked branching or dendritic network pattern. The lava channels become narrower and shallower downstream, to the northeast; terrestrial lava channels also commonly become shallower downstream. The lobes of the lava flows also point northeastward. Apparently the material filling the basin moved from southwest to northeast in this region. The lava flows and rilles obviously antedate the impact craters that pockmark the surface. The outlined area shows the location of  Figure 201.   -H.M.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 192, Figure 200

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