Figure 210

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This picture (above) of the interior of the crater  Humboldt (approximately 200 km in diameter) was taken looking southward. The terraced crater wall lies in the background, and the central peaks are visible in the lower right hand portion of the picture. The crater floor is typical of those that exhibit both radial and concentric cracks, or fissures. The fissures and cracks appear to be related to the uplift of the crater floor subsequent to the formation of the crater. The deformation may be related to upwelling of portions of the crust in an attempt to reach isostatic equilibrium, or it may be coincident with intrusion of lavas below the crater floor. Small patches of dark mare material can be seen along the edge of the crater floor in the lower left and middle right hand portions of the picture.   -J.W.H.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 201, Figure 210

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