Figure 102

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The characteristics of an extremely youthful small crater are illustrated in this Apollo 15 panoramic camera photograph of the crater Linne' as viewed from the south. The 4-km-diameter crater is located in the western part of Mare Serenitatis. The rim of the crater slopes steeply up from the mare surface, and the rim crest is sharp and even. Boulders are abundant on and near the rim. Concentric dunelike features occupy the inner part of the ejecta blanket and, with increasing distance from the crater, give way to irregular arcuate clusters of satellitic craters. A more subtle radial pattern in the ejecta can be seen where the Sun's rays shine across it, to the north and south of the crater. The bright ejecta blanket and ray pattern displayed here are typical of very youthful craters of all sizes.   -M.C.M.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 111, Figure 102

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