Figure 82

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These intersecting sets of mare ridges are near the western edge of Mare Serenitatis. One set of
generally small, sharply defined lobate scarps and ridges trends irregularly east to west. It cuts across a set of broader, more subdued ridges that trends north to south. On the basis of morphology and crosscutting relationships, the first set appears to be the younger of the two. Study of the better preserved younger set provides two clues to its origin. In several places (designated by A) incomplete craters are present on the flanks of ridges, but the other parts of the originally circular craters are absent on the adjacent mare floor. This suggests that some segments of the ridges are the frontal edges of thrust plates that have ridden over an already solidified and cratered surface. In several other places (B) craters on the mare floor appear to be partly overlapped by lobed projections of the ridges, suggesting inundation of the craters by a viscous material. The ridges in this area as in others may thus be the response of solidified rocks to faulting and possibly also to the movement of molten rocks. -B.K.L.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 92, Figure 82

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