Figure 45

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These terrae of the central highlands are near the Apollo 16 landing site. The landing point is indicated by the arrow just below the lower (northern) edge of the picture. Here the terrae are less rugged and less densely cratered than those on the far side, shown in figure 33. The subdued appearance of these near side terrae is attributed to accumulations of successive blankets of ejecta from impact basins and possibly to the accumulation of volcanic materials in this, the topographically highest region on the Moon's near side. Descartes, for which the landing site was named, is the ancient, highly subdued crater near the center. It is 47 km in diameter and so indistinct in this view that its rim has been outlined by dashes. The unusual Abulfeda crater chain extends for a distance of 225 km across the upper part of the picture.  -G.G.S.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 57, Figure 45


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