AS16-1648(M) & AS16-1646(M)

AS16-1648(M)         AS16-1646(M)
Figure 51

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The southeastern corner of figure 50 is shown here as a stereogram of two Apollo 16 pictures taken when the Sun angle was much higher. The contrasting albedo (brightness) of the dark mare and bright terra is enhanced under these lighting conditions. When viewed stereoscopically, the "corn on the cob" texture of the terra is readily apparent. The rims and walls of the ancient craters Franz (F) and Lyell (L) have been severely degraded by erosion and show the same texture as the adjacent terra. These two craters contrast strongly with the much younger crater (C) whose original form has not been significantly degraded.  - D.H.S.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 61, Figure 51

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