Figure 132

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The crater chain extending from the large arrow at A is part of a discontinuous lineament that grazes the northeast rim of Ptolemaeus (left), and that may extend as far as 720 km beyond the edge of the picture. The origin of the chain is perplexing. In some respects it resembles Imbrium sculpture (Figures.  36,  47,   48, and  53, except that the individual craters in the chain are more circular and more distinct. An apparent difference in freshness of craters within the chain (as at B and C) suggests that the chain may have formed by volcanism localized along a tectonic fracture. On the other hand, the lack of visible faulting in this area and the strong resemblance of this chain to some secondary crater chains suggest the more likely alternative that it originated by secondary impact, perhaps by ejecta from Schrodinger, a relatively small double-ringed basin in the south polar region.   -C.A.H.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 135, Figure 132

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