Figure 91

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This picture of the eastern part of Mare Cognitum, while of interest in many respects, is used here largely to locate the dark hills (V) illustrated in detail in  Figure 92 . Although small, the complex of dark hills is easily discernible because it is lower in albedo and is rougher than the surrounding mare lavas. Also included in this view are two bright hills (~ that were described earlier ( Figure 69 ) as probably being of volcanic origin and an apparently faulted crater (C) that will be described later ( Figure 246 ). Note the proximity of all three features to mare ridges. The dark hills lie within a westward bulge of one mare ridge, the two bright hills interrupt another ridge, and the crater is intersected by a third ridge. The association probably is not accidental.   -M.C.M.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 100, Figure 91

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