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Here the Apollo 16 panoramic camera views the same large pool of dark material from  Figure 155. For orientation, the hill identified by an arrow is the "island" near the center of the pool in image at left. In the highlands surrounding the main pool are many small pools. Their surfaces merge with a veneer of similar material on adjacent slopes, as if most of the rim of the old crater had once been coated by a fluid rock that partly drained off to accumulate in depressions. Cracks (C), flow channels (FC) near the middle of the picture, and numerous wrinkles show that the material flowed like lava toward the main large pool. Whether the lavalike material is volcanic lava or rock melted by the impact is in vigorous debate. The material is restricted to the north rim of King where ejecta is also most concentrated. If the ejecta is concentrated on the north because north was downrange from an obliquely impacting body, that condition would support an impact origin for the dark material.    -K.A.H.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 155, Figure 156

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