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This enlargement of figure 156 shows details in the lavalike materials. The flow features are so young that younger cratering events have not obliterated them. The prominent leveed flow channel in the center of the picture indicates that the material flowed downhill in the direction of the arrows  (Click here for larger) toward the large pool. Like terrestrial volcanic lava, the material is locally compressed into festoonlike corrugations that arch "downstream." In other areas, especially where draped over hills, the material has been stretched and dense patterns of cracks have formed. A linear texture trends northwestward across much of the area shown, but is mostly clearly visible in the lower right corner. It is the expression of King's ejecta blanket underneath the veneer of the lavalike material. If the lavalike material is impact melt, it must have coated the ejecta and drained downhill after the ejecta flowed radially away from King.    -K.A.H.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 156, Figure 158

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