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Figure 94

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Patches of dark material - presumably volcanic ejecta - are commonly associated with straight rilles or grabens. This area is near the Apollo 14 landing site. (See  Figure 44 ) The prominent ridge separates the large ancient crater Fra Mauro in the north half of the scene from the smaller craters Bonpland (B) and Parry (P). The graben extending through the center of the picture cuts the floors of both Fra Mauro and Bonpland, as well as the intervening rim. Just north of the rim the graben has been completely filled and buried by dark materials. In appearance the low hills (see arrows) directly west of the graben resemble the volcanic complexes described in figures 92  and  93. The complexes are centered in the dark area and may well have been the source of the dark material. Starting with the formation of the three craters, the following events occurred: The craters were filled with mare lavas, the grabens were formed, and the dark volcanic materials were erupted. As everywhere else on the Moon, small bodies sporadically struck the surface throughout the entire interval of time.-G.W.C.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 102, Figure 94

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