Figure 209

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This oblique view looks westward over the crater Goclenius (large crater in the foreground) at the western edge of Mare Fecunditatus. The area is typical of the edge of shallow mare basins in that ejecta deposits and interiors of older craters along the margins are partially flooded by mare material. The pitted portions of the intercrater areas in the background are crater deposits that have not been flooded by the smoother mare material. Both the craters and maria are cut by linear rilles (Rime Goclenius I and II); rilles are also seen along other shallow mare basin margins. In this picture, several linear rilles, each about 1 km wide, can be seen crossing from right to left across the mare into the floor of Goclenius. The rilles are thought to be similar to fault bounded troughs on Earth (grabens) and may have originated when the central portion of the mare basin settled.    J.W.H.

Report Source: NASA SP-362, Page 200, Figure 209

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