Earth-based telescopic image, Top is NE                    Lunar Orbiter image
Larger version of above by Poyet
(turned 180) agrippa/920720/ctpc1.gif
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image
Agrippa is a 46 km-wide crater with a depth of 3070 m and a central mountain formation. Located in Section 34, Agrippa is not well-lit in the above left image by Poyet, but the cropped Lunar Orbiter 4 image at right (top of image) shows considerable detail. In that image Agrippa is at the top. The crater below it is Godin. Be sure and view these images in their full glory. The original Poyet image is rotated 180-degrees. Note the end of Hyginus Rille running toward the crater.
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