Central Peak Has Crater Pit Or Caldera?


                            Thumbnail of LO4-101H2                      Computer enlargement of Albategnius

 Click here for original NASA image LO4-101H2

A few years ago the Clementine spacecraft captured a dazzling site when it imaged Tycho and discovered a crater pit or volcanic cauldera on its central peak.

The crater Albategnius also has a similar feature, as noted by Francis Ridge of the Lunascan Project:

"David O. Darling of ALPO had sent me an image a few years ago which was a blow-up of Tycho's central peak. We had all been overwhelmed by the awesome full-sized image by Clementine of the 85 km crater, Tycho, in full (but false) color. But David pointed out an interesting feature, one that might explain possible gaseous emmisions which may be the stimulus for some LTP reports in that crater. I recently discovered another NASA image which had a similar feature. While working on an Apollo Metric Camera oblique image of Albategnius (AS16-0708(M)) I noticed it's central peak also has a "pit" in it. I then went to our NASA image source and pulled up an overhead high-res photo by Lunar Orbiter 4 (LO4-101H2). I then cropped the central peak area which best illustrates the feature."

Cropped blow-up of Albategnius' central peak

Here are a couple of other sources of information on the crater Albategnius:
 Partly visible crater Albategnius in AS16-0982
 An oblique Apollo16 view (A16-0708(M)) of Albategnius

(This web page was created by Francis Ridge of the Lunascan Project)