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Apollo 12
November 19, 1969

Statio Insularum

Upper portion of Section 42

This portion of the Rukl Section 42 shows both the Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3 landing sites. Actual images of the area can be found below. 

 Original full frame of LO4-125H3

This Lunar Orbiter 4 low res vertical site A12 includes the 39-km Lansberg crater (upper left) and some of the outliers of highland material surrounded by the Oceanus Procellarum lavas. The bright rays trending from upper right to lower left are from Copernicus Crater. The Apollo 12 landing site (and Surveyor 3 site) are marked with an arrow. A close-up 3-D view is shown below. (3-D glasses will show relief) 

RGB Stereo view of the Apollo 12 Landing Site (requires 3-D glasses)

Larger version of above AS12-54-8090 & AS12-54-9091
Stereo 3-D gif, bw version
The Apollo 12 landing site is located on the smooth volcanic plains of Oceanus Procellarum.  The landing site is marked by a small green cross.  Like Apollo 11, this site was chosen for its lack of relief, as comparison with subsequent landing sites shows. The bright streak running vertically across the scene is a bright ray of ejecta from the large crater Copernicus located over 300 km to the north. These views (Hasselblad frames) show an area 29 km across from top to bottom.  North is to the top. Because these are hand-held images, the base/height ratio can be estimated only approximately at ~0.6, with a vertical exaggeration of ~3.

Lunar Orbiter 3 Images:.

LO3-154-M: Medium resolution vertical of the Apollo 12 landing site. Many of the craters visible in this photograph are likely secondary craters, at least some of which may be associated with Lansberg Crater. This location is lacking in many distinctive or unique appearing features, which made it more difficult for the astronauts to quickly pick out landmarks during approach. However, the descent trajectory brought the Lunar Module precisely to the target location, a site within walking distance of the unmanned Surveyor 3 spacecraft.

LO3-154-H2: Apollo 12 landing site, high res vertical. Most of the craters are probably produced by the impact of ejecta excavated from larger craters. Note the subdued appearance of the rims of many craters. The time of landing was selected to have the Sun low in the local sky so that even the subdued crater rims would cast long shadows.

LO3-154-h2, Enlarged
The landing site is next to the northern rim of 150 meter diameter Surveyor Crater, named after the unmanned Surveyor 3 spacecraft that successfully soft landed on the eastern rim of the crater in April 1967. Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean retrieved parts of the Surveyor spacecraft during their second EVA. Several of the adjacent craters were also visited by the crew during the EVAs.


Surveyor crater

[smaller gif] LO3-h194
[larger, 428k gif] LO3-h194
LO3-194-H1,  high resolution image of the Surveyor 3 spacecraft and landing site. This image shows the area within the Flamsteed ring in Oceanus Procellarum on the Moon. The Surveyor 3 spacecraft is the object/bright spot at the 4'clock position inside Surveyor crater. The shadow of the 1 meter wide solar panels can also be seen.

Other Apollo 12 Images:
S69-57076 - Apollo 12 image/map of landing site
 AS12/10075362 - Apollo 12 EVA traverse map

MPS view of the Apollo 12 landing site
The arrow points to the landing site in the eastern part of Oceanus Procellarum, a mare region hundreds of kilometers west of the Apollo 11 landing site in Mare Tranquillitatis. Both sites were chosen purposely to be relatively close to the lunar equator. (Consolidated Lunar Atlas photograph E17, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona).


Surveyor 3 resting inside Surveyor Crater
 Larger original version of above, AS12/10075419

Alan Bean inspecting Surveyor 3, which landed 31 months before his Apollo 12 lunar module (background) did. Surveyor landed on the inside of a crater. The Lunar Module is outside of this crater and near the rim, and Pete Conrad is higher up on the crater wall looking down on the surveyor & Bean. Below are three other images of the Surveyor 3; one an artist rendition and another by Pete Conrad:

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