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February 5, 1971

Fra Mauro

Earth-Based Telescopic Image of Apollo 14 landing site
The arrow points to the landing site in the Fra Mauro Formation, interpreted to be ejecta from the impact that produced the Imbrium Basin (north of this photograph).The subdued and partially filled 80-kilometer-diameter crater below the landing site is Fra Mauro Crater. Bright rays from Copernicus Crater (north of this photograph) extend across the area surrounding the landing site, similar to the situation at the Apollo 12 site. (Consolidated Lunar Atlas photograph E17, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona.)

Northern portion of Rukl Section 42

This portion of Rukl Chart 42 shows three landing areas. Previously used to describe the Surveyor 3 and Apollo 12 sites, this chart also pinpoints the location of the Apollo 14 site at upper right.


RGB Stereo view of the Apollo 14 Landing Site
(requires 3-D glasses)

Click here for RGB stereo image

The Apollo 14 landing site (green cross) is located on the rugged Fra Mauro Highlands south of the crater Copernicus.  This was the first landing in terrain with significant relief.  Topographic relief across the scene is ~500 meters.  These views (Hasselblad frames AS14-70-9816 and AS14-70-9817) show an area 24 km across from top to bottom.  North is to the top. Because these are hand-held images, the base/height ratio can be estimated only approximately at ~0.6, with a vertical exaggeration of ~3.

Lunar Orbiter Images:
Lunar Orbiter 4-120H3

Panaramas by
Apollo 16 -5444, image of Apollo 14's S-4-B stage (manmade) impact crater in Mare Cognitum

Other Lunar Orbiter Views
None available

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