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July 30, 1971

Hadley Rille

Earth-Based Telescopic Image (CFAS)

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NE part of Rukl Section 22

The chart above is the NE quadrant of Section 22. Near the foot of the 500 m (15,000') high Apennine Mountain range (the largest mountain range on the Moon), Apollo 15 landed. The 22-km crater, Conon, at the bottom of the chart is where the Section got its name. 


RGB Stereo view of the Apollo 15 Landing Site
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The Apollo 15 landing site (green cross) is located on the relatively smooth Hadley Delta, a smooth plain of basaltic lava east of Hadley Rille (the sinuous channel like depression).  To the east of Hadley Delta are the lunar Montes Apennines, an arc of rugged massifs that forms the rim of the Imbrium impact basin.  These views (portions of Mapping Camera frames AS15-585 and 587) measure ~65 kilometers from top to bottom.  North is up.  This stereo pair has a base/height ratio of ~0.63, and a vertical exaggeration of ~3.  Topographic relief of the mountains in this scene is ~4450 meters, similar to that of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

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