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December 11, 1972

Taurus-Littrow Valley

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Francis Ridge:
Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the Moon
. The Apollo 17 lunar module landed within 200 meters of the preferred landing point in a deep narrow valley called Taurus- Littrow. This valley is located in the mountainous highlands at the eastern rim of the Serenitatis basin, about 750 kilometers east of the the Apollo 15 landing site and about the same distance north of the Apollo 11 site. The Apollo 17 site is in a dark deposit between massifs of the southwestern Taurus Mountains and south of the crater Littrow. The valley floor is essentially flat with only a gentle incline.

To begin our tour let's start with the Lunar Orbiter (LO4-078H3) view which preceded the mission:



SW portion 0of Rukl Section 25

The above chart is the SW quadrant of Rukl Section 25 showing the site of Apollo 17, located  in a valley between mountains to the north of Littrow.


Click here for RGB Stereo view of Apollo 17 landing site

RGB Stereo view of the Apollo 17 landing site requires 3-D glasses. The Apollo 17 landing site (green cross) is located in the narrow valley  of Taurus-Littrow along the rugged southeastern rim of the Serenitatis impact basin.  These views (portions of Mapping Camera frames AS17-793 and 795) measure ~65 kilometers from top to  bottom.  North is up.  This stereo pair has a base/height ratio of ~0.63, and a vertical exaggeration of ~3.  Topographic relief across this valley measures ~2750 meters, or roughly 1.5 times as deep as the Grand Canyon.

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