Fig. 1 Earth-based telescopic image                    Fig. 2 Lunar Orbiter image
Image of the crater Bailly (Massey)
Full-sized version of Lunar Orbiter image
Bailly, the largest walled plain on the near-side of the Moon, has a diameter over 303 km. Such a large formation is classified as a lunar basin. It has an uneven floor with numerous craters. We had to rotate Steve Massey's image (Fig. 1) 180 to align with the north-top of the acompanying Lunar Orbiter 4 image (Fig.2). The black wedge at lower right of Bailly in Fig. 1 is the blackness of space near the lunar south pole. Bailly takes up all of the frame in the upper left image and the upper half of LO4 at right.
Other Lunar Orbiter images
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