Cavalerius & Luna 9
                            Earth-based telescopic image                    Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
Image by Cidadao
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Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter
The subject of this page and the focus for the images above are actually two-fold: The 58-km crater Cavelerius and the landing site of the Russian probe  Luna 9. A cropped version of the Rukl Chart is provided: Chart 28. Cavalerius is the larger crater in the upper left image. The Lunar Orbiter view (right, top)  is an overhead view of Cavalerius and the upper part of Hevelius (which  is at the bottom). The three hills or  "boulder-like" features at the top mark the location of Luna 9, the site being just to the NE of the second hill.  This Russian probe was the first soft-landing made on the Moon!!! And Luna 8 landed further north and the TD site can also be seen in Chart 28
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