Earth-based telescopic image                          Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
Clavius imaged by Poyet.
Enlarged image of Clavbk.jpg
Full-sized version of Lunar Orbiter image LO4-118H3
Clavius is one of the best-known and largest walled plains (225 km). Clavius has a polygonal outline and a central mountain massif with numerous craters on its floor. The wall is eroded, and does not overlook the surrounding terrain. The small craters inside Clavius are suitable objects for testing the resolution of small telescopes. An interesting crescent of craters crosses the floor from Rutherfurd, decreasing in size. These are Clavius D, C, N, J, JA. Click on the enlargement above. At top right is a cropped Lunar Orbiter image, an awesome overhead view of Clavius. The full image is linked below it. 
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