Earth-based telescopic image               Lunar Orbiter image, Marius left-center
The crater Marius, by Naoyuki Kurita, upper right limb
Full-sized version of Lunar Orbiter image
Marius is a regular flooded crater, 41 km in diameter, and located  in the NE part of Section 29. In the above photo Marius is nearer the upper edge, right. Marius G (3.3 km) is a small crater situated on its flat floor. An extensive field of low domes in the vicinity of Marius is an apparent manifestation of former volcanic activity in this part of Oceanus Procellarum. This area was one of the selected (but never used) landing sites for the Apollo missions. The domes are observable only when close to the terminator, i.e. at sunrise (4 days after First Quarter) or sunset (4 days after Last Quarter).
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