Mare Frigoris & Archytas
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Larger version of above by Legault, rotated 90
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image 
Mare Frigoris (Sea of Frigidity) in the Arctic area of moon is a long and narrow "lunar sea." The area of the feature extends to near Sinus Iridum and has width and length of about 250km and 1800km respectively. It's considered that the Basin of this lunar sea was completed as a part of multi-ring structure of a gigantic hollow formed by a meteorite collision.  Archytas is a 32 km crater, the one in the center of a row of three craters to the NE. In the image above by Legault most of Section 4 is covered except for the extreme northern portion, and the the crater Plato is partially visible at the lower left. The Lunar Orbiter image includes part of Section 12. There are numerous medium res images of the area by Lunar Orbiter but the image above right was catalogued under Archytas.
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