Mons Pico
                             Earth-based telescopic image                       Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
Larger version of above by Ferreira
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image
Mons Pico is an isolated mountain with a base area of 15x25 km and a height of 2400 m, located in the  NW quadrant.  This is the mountain SE of center in the image above left. The peaks of Montes Teneriffe (the group to the left of Mons Pico) also reach a height of 2400 m above the surrounding surface of Mare Imbrium. In the neighborhood there are prominent wrinkle ridges. The southernmost small isolated mountain has no name, but is lettered "B" in the Rukl Atlas. The awesome cropped close-up at top right is from Lunar Orbiter 4. The full image is linked below it.
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