Rima Marius
                          Earth-based telescopic image                              Lunar Orbiter image
Larger version of above by Cidadao
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image 
Rima Marius is a typical sinuous rille, resembling a parched meandering river-bed. Close to the crater Marius C (Section 29) the rille is about 2 km wide; at the opposite end, near Marius P, it narrows down to 1 km. The total length is about 250 km. It has been suggested that such rilles may be the remains of lava channels which once contributed to the flooding of the maria. This object repays observation with larger telescopes and will tax the skill of experienced observers. A similar view from Lunar Orbiter 4 gives much more detail. The crater Marius is south of this region shown and will be the topic of a separate webpage.
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