Reiner Gamma
                            Earth-based telescopic image                       Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
Above left: Reiner Gamma (Rukl atlas photo)
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image 
On the near-side of the Moon this is an extraordinary and unique formation in Oceanus Procellarum, some distance west of the crater Reiner (crater). It is formed by extra-bright material on the surface of the mare and even detailed photographs taken by the lunar orbiter did not show any evidence of relief. Reiner Gamma is the bright patch at the left of each image. The landing sites of the Russian probes Luna 8 & Luna 9 are out of frame but left of Reiner Gamma about the same distance as Reiner.  In the left photo the curvature of the western limb distorts the features. At right Lunar Orbiter 4 is directly overhead. 
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