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June 2, 1966


Northern portion of Section 40

As shown above, the Surveyor 1 spacecraft landed close to the remains of the wall of the flooded crater  Flamsteed P. But Flamsteed, in the  SW corner of the Moon in Section 40, is an extremely interesting target in that southern part of Oceanus Procellarum. The crater is 21 km wide and is the largest of the conspicuous craters in the drawing. However, the larger, tear-drop shaped feature is actually the flooded crater Flamsteed P.


Cropped Lunar Orbiter 4 image

The same area is shown here in the overhead view from Lunar Orbiter 4.


The Surveyor spacecraft was designed to attain the engineering objectives of the Surveyor program, which included the first lunar soft landing. No instrumentation was carried specifically for scientific experiments, but considerable scientific information was obtained. The spacecraft carried two television cameras - one for approach, which was not used, and one for operations on the lunar surface. Over 100 engineering sensors were on board. The television system transmitted pictures of the spacecraft footpad and surrounding lunar terrain and surface materials.The spacecraft also acquired data on the radar reflectivity of the lunar surface, bearing strength of the lunar surface, and spacecraft temperatures for use in the analysis of the lunar surface temperatures. The spacecraft was launched May 30, 1966, directly into a lunar impact trajectory. Engines were turned off at a height of 3.4 m above the lunar surface. The spacecraft fell freely from this height, landing on the lunar surface on June 2, 1966, in Oceanus Procellarum -- 2.45 deg s latitude, 43.22 deg w longitude (selenographic coordinates). The spacecraft transmitted data from shortly after touchdown until July 14, 1966, with an interval of no operation during lunar night (June 14 to July 7, 1966). Engineering interrogations continued until January 7, 1967. 


The Lunar Orbiter 3 high resolution image of the Surveyor 1 spacecraft above shows the landing site. The image shows the area within the Flamsteed ring in Oceanus Procellarum on the moon. The spacecraft is the bright spot at the center of the circle. The shadow of the 1 meter wide solar panels can also be seen.

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