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April 20, 1967

  Original and full version of above image AS16-2518(M)

A very unique and extremely interesting image by the Apollo 16 Metric Camera (image number AS16-2518(M) is shown above looking south. Shown better in the original (also linked above) is the same oblique view showing Mare Insularum where Surveyor 3 touched down (1967), and where the Apollo 12 crew (1969) landed just 600 feet away from it. More details can be found at:


Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
 Full version of the above  image of LO4-125H3


The chart below shows the exact locations of the Surveyor 3 and Apollo 12 landing sites, but the image above shows detail from Lunar Orbiter 4. The large crater at top left is the 39-km crater Lansberg. The crater at bottom right is crater "B" shown in the chart below. The sites lie between these two craters, about 1/3rd the distance. 


Northern portion of Section 42


Surveyor 3 was the second spacecraft in the Surveyor series to acheive a soft landing on the lunar surface. The main purpose of the mission was to determine various characteristics of the lunar terrain in preparation for Apollo lunar landing missions. Equipment on board included a television camera and auxiliary mirrors, a soil mechanics surface sampler, strain gages on the spacecraft landing legs, and numerous engineering sensors. The spacecraft was launched into a selenographic trajectory on April 17, 1967, and landed on the moon at 3.01 deg s latitude, 23.42 deg w longitude in the southeastern part of Oceanus Procellarum on April 20, 1967. Touchdown on the lunar surface occurred three times because the Vernier engines continued to fire during the first two touchdowns causing the spacecraft to lift off the surface. A large volume of new data on the strength, texture, and structure of lunar material was transmitted by the spacecraft, in addition to the lunar photography transmission. The last data were returned on May 4, 1967. 

On 19 November 1969 the Apollo 12 Lunar Module (LM) landed within about 180 meters of the Surveyor 3 spacecraft. Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean  visited the spacecraft  on their second moonwalk on 20 November, examining Surveyor 3 and its surroundings, taking photographs, and removing about 10 kg of parts from the spacecraft, including the TV camera, for later examination back on Earth. 


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