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September 11, 1967


Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
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A familiar view here from a previous page on the Ranger 8 mission, the view also includes the landing sites of Surveyor 5 and the famous Apollo 11 landing site, Tranquility Base. The Lunar Orbiter 4 view is very detailed. Below is the lower portion of the Rukl chart section 35. (Object right of center is an artifact in the processing of the orbiter image and not an actual object or feature) 

Southern portion of Section 35

As a comparison, Sabine (lower left) is 30 km in diameter. To the right, Apollo 11 was our first manned mission, so there was no mission effort or "lunar rover" to visit the Ranger 8 crash site or the Surveyor 5 spacecraft still sitting on the lunar surface.


Surveyor 5 was the third spacecraft in the Surveyor series to achieve a successful lunar soft landing. The spacecraft had a basic triangular structure of aluminum tubing that provided mounting surfaces for engineering and scientific equipment. The objectives were to obtain postlanding television pictures of the lunar surface, conduct a Vernier engine erosion experiment, determine the relative abundance of the chemical elements in the lunar soil, obtain touchdown dynamics data, and obtain thermal and radar reflectivity data. Instrumentation for this spacecraft was similar to that of the previous Surveyors and included landing legs, a Vernier propulsion system, and numerous engineering sensors. An alpha-scattering instrument was installed in place of the surface sampler, and a small bar magnet attached to one footpad was included to detect the presence of magnetic material in the lunar soil. The spacecraft landed on September 11, 1967, in Mare Tranquillitatis, at 1.41 deg n latitude and 23.18 deg e longitude (selenographic coordinates), within the rimless edge of a small crater on a slope of about 20 deg. The spacecraft transmitted excellent data for all experiments from shortly after touchdown until October 18, 1967, with an interval of no transmission from September 24 to October 15, 1967, during the first lunar night. Transmissions were received until November 1, 1967, when shutdown for the second lunar night occurred. Transmissions were resumed on the third and fourth lunar days, with the final transmission occurring on December 17, 1967. Pictures were transmitted during the first, second, and fourth lunar days. 
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