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November 10, 1967

Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
Original full-sized image of LO4-102H1


The cropped and enlarged view from Lunar Orbiter 4 of the upper portion of Sinus Medii, which is in the southern portion of Section 33,  is not very clear. The pair of craters at center left (Bruce and Blagg) and larger Rhaeticus (right) are the familiar objects in this image. For comparison purposes, Blagg is only 5.4 km wide and 910 meters deep. No clearer Orbiter views were found to better show the locations of Surveyor 4 and Surveyor 6. The sites are in the dark area to the bottom left, about 60 km SW of Bruce or about 1.5 Bruce diameters. (See chart below).  Surveyor 4 had crashed and no manned Apollo landings took place in this area, but for some reason NASA felt the need to get a successful Surveyor in the region. 
NASA Headquarters sent the word that Surveyor 6 had to try again for Sinus Medii to please the manned program. On 10 November 1967 (GMT) it finally broke the double jinx by landing safely in Central Bay, next to a mare ridge. In its lifetime of one Earth month it transmitted almost 30,000 pictures, a third of the project's total.


Southern portion of Section 33


This spacecraft was the fourth of the Surveyor series to successfully achieve a soft landing on the moon, obtain postlanding television pictures, determine the abundance of the chemical elements in the lunar soil, obtain touchdown dynamics data, obtain thermal and radar reflectivity data, and conduct a Vernier engine erosion experiment. Virtually identical to Surveyor 5, this spacecraft carried a television camera, a small bar magnet attached to one footpad, and an alpha-scattering instrument as well as the necessary engineering equipment. This spacecraft accomplished all planned objectives and also performed a successful 'hop' rising approximately 4 m and moving laterally about 2.5 m to a new location on the lunar surface. The successful completion of this mission satisfied the Surveyor program's obligation to the Apollo project. On November 24, 1967, the spacecraft was shut down for the 2-week lunar night. Contact was made on December 14, 1967, but no useful data were obtained. 


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