LTP in Tycho? - August 21, 1992

Image of Tycho made by David O. Darling, 21 August 1992

This report is in reference to an LTP report submitted by David Weier and David O. Darling to the Journal of the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers, The Strolling Astronomer, Volume 37, Number 3, February 1994. This report describes an apparent dust levitation or outgassing taking place in the crater Tycho observed on 21 August 1992. The report consisted of several observed events that culminated in the intense documentaion by several observers and a battery of instrumentation and recording formats.

The image above shows the recorded LTP event and sunset on the crater Tycho. This image is just one of the high power frame-grabs made of the observation with a medium resolution CCD camera. The scanning lines visible in the original have been processed out. This image was made at 3:56 AM , Wisconsin time. Mr. Darling reported glows and streamers and a false dawn. Colongitude predicts conditions for a similar event will occur again August 7, 1996 at 8:39 UT. See reports in Section Directory 64.

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