Earth-based telescopic image                               Clementine close-up
Larger version of above by Poyet
Full-sized version of Clem image
Tycho is 85 km wide and 4850 meters deep. The image at left is one of the best Earth-based telescopic images of the crater made to date. At right is the awesome image of the center portion of Tycho as imaged by Clementine. Prior to this image the best ever made was produced by Lunar Orbiter 5 (See below). Tycho was formed when a large meteorite (or comet) slammed into the Moon. The version used here is a 3 color composite (415 nm, 750 nm, 1000 nm). Note the distinct color difference of the central peak due to excavation of deep material during the impact that formed the crater.
Other Lunar Orbiter images
Image - Fantastic LO5 close-up of full crater.
Image - Close-Up, 176x1804 pixels
Image - LO-5 128h2, rugged terrain, ejecta deposit N. of Tycho
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