The Apennine Mountains
                            Earth-based telescopic image                     Apollo Metric Camera Image
Larger version of above (rotated 90)  by Cazard lu081ta.jpg
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The largest lunar mountain range, the Apennines, is shown in its full glory in the larger image linked above. North is up in the images at the top of this page, but to the left in the enlarged version of the Cazard image. It was at the foot of the Apennines, close to Rima Hadley (see arrow above), that the Apollo 15 expedition landed. The Apennines form part of the wall of Mare Imbrium into which they descend relatively steeply (about 30-degrees). The slopes of the Apennines towards Mare Vaporum are gradual. The height of some mountain peaks exceeds 5000 m. The length of the range is 600 km.
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