link to undistorted image

From: "theo2042" <theo2042@gte.net>
To: <slk@world.evansville.net>
Subject: Golden Arch on Moon
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 15:19:13 -0000


I thought I had found the Hoagland Hamburger Arch! Seriously(sort of) is
there any particular ID on the arch-like area on the attached image? My
maps don't have any details in the area. Its located in the Caucases,
you'll note Cassini on the terminator. I had not paid any attention to this
before but the lighting really kicked it into view there seems to be a
cluster of large boulders or something under the arch. Is this a really
huge rock outcrop? More later.....


This is in Section 13. I'll have the VGL guys look at this. Sorry for the late reply.