The Lunascan Project

Target 34-01, "Ariadaeus-B" Mission:
A Proposal For A TransOrbital Trailblazer
in Section 34, Lunar Nearside

January 10, 2004
Francis L. Ridge
Coordinator, The Lunascan Project

Today's L.P.I.T. Briefing

Target 34-01: "Ariadaeus-B" Mission

Primary Target: The "Blair Cuspids"

The proposal for an overflight of the features known as the "Blair Cuspids" was derived from the impression that a Moon mission, referred to as "Trailblazer" (developed by a private company by the name of TransOrbital) would be taking live,  "barnstorming", high-definition images of the lunar surface during its final orbits. It was later determined, that although this would be part of the main plan to image Apollo hardware and actual tracks on the Moon, the imaging would be from a polar orbit and that the entire surface would be imaged and mapped at 60 miles up with a hi-resolution television camera. A number of targets have been selected for special imaging and the Trailblazer mission is planned for the fall of 2004. The primary target of this discussion is an area near ariadaeus-B where the famed "Blair Cuspids" lie in wait.

The site of the formation is in Section 34, left adjacent to the Apollo 11 landing site in Section 35. Section 35 includes the crash site of Ranger 8 and the landing site of Surveyor 5. More detail on that aspect will be provided in the proposal for the imaging in Section 35, which concerns other targets of interest.

1. Lunar Section Directory:

2. Rukl Section Chart:
3. Lunar Orbiter Data and Imagary:

A recon graphic in the form of a HIRES Lunar Orbiter image,  is provided here.
4. Optimum EBTI (Earth Based Telescopic Images):

Some of the best EBTI (Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging) of the region is provided by expert lunar photographers whose work is posted on the Lunascan Project web site.

5. Report (which may include items 6-8):

For the full story on the target area and the plans for future Moon missions, see links below.

6. Apollo Metric Camera Imagary:
7. Clementine Imagary:
8. Other:

For a current Lunascan Project Imaging Team briefing and list of recommended targets for orbital imaging, or de-orbit flyovers, see LPIT Briefing below. And for the full story and up-to-date information regarding TransOrbital's Moon shot,including plans for future Moon missions, click on the next link.

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Francis Ridge
The Lunascan Project