Dorsa Smirnov and Posidonius
                            Earth-based telescopic image                              Lunar Orbiter image
Larger version of above by Legault
Full sized  version of Lunar Orbiter image
Parallel to the eastern edge of Mare Serenitatis there is a prominent system of wrinkle ridges. Formerly known as as the Serpentine Ridge, its northern part is now called Dorsa Smirnov. The wrinkle ridges are rounded, are of modest height (tens to hundreds of meters) and are observable only when they are close to the terminator. At their highest point, formerly named Posidonius gamma, lies a small crater about two km across. The walled plain Posidonius (large crater) is 95 km in diameter, 2300 m deep and  has a complicated system of rilles on its floor.
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